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One will be Princess Who will be Queen?


Emma's moving into Fourth grade at the Iron River Elementary School this Fall. At school, she enjoys reading, math and softball. In her free time, Emma likes to play, spend time with her baby brother and animals. In the future, Emma would like to write books.


During the school year, Sienna attends Stowe Elementary in Duluth. She'll be in 5th grade this Fall. She must be an athlete, because her favorite subjects are hockey and baseball. She also works as a crossing guard. Sienna enjoys 4-wheeling and would like to be a vet in the future.


Emmalee starts Sixth grade at Northwestern Middle School in the Fall. Math, Reading and Spelling are school favorites. She was the most improved basketball player. Emmalee likes to play basketball and softball, swim, and play with her brother. She hopes to go to college and become a teacher or nurse.


Alexius will be a Junior at Superior High School. Summers find her spending much of her time at Moon Lake Park. She likes Accelerated Algebra, Biology and Choir and has made the A-B Honor Role and won a cheerleading award. Being outdoors, fishing, huntin and 4-wheeling are favorites. She hopes to become an elementary teacher.


Natalie is moving into 11th grade at Northwestern High School. Her favorite subjects are math, choir and yearbook. She achieved honorable mention on the Honor Roll. Drama and musical take up Natalie's spare time at school. She counts drawing, painting and swimming among her hobbies. In her career life, Natalie would like to be an accountant.


Abbi wil be a Seventh Grader at Northwestern Middle School in the Fall. Language, Art and Band are her favorite subjects. She sings in the choir and plays trumpet in band. She's won the NMS Sunshine and Molly Manners awards. Abbi enjoys kayaking, swimming, fishing and painting. When school is done, she'd like to be a photographer.


Storm is a seasonal resident at Moon Lake Park. During the school year, she attends Bryant Elementary School in Superior where she'll be in Grade 4. Storm likes reading and gym as well as playing hockey and fishing. After high school Storm would like to play college hockey and become a vet.


Serenity will be in 5th grade at Shoemaker Elementary. She spends much of her summer at Moon Lake Park. She likes Language Arts and plays the violin. Serenity's hobbies include reading, drawing and swimming. In the future, she'd like to be a teacher.

The 2016 Blueberry Festival Princess and Queen will be chosen based on ticket sales. When one of these young ladies offers to sell you tickets, please be generous.