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The Iron River Lions club was organized January 15, 1963.

Twenty-eight of the twenty-nine charter members are listed below.

Officers elected at the organizational meeting were:

Oscar Lahti, President; Rev. Richard Madden, Secretary; George Hanson, Treasurer.

Meetings were scheduled for the first and third Tuesdays of each month.

    Adolph Aho   Electric Utilities
    Herbert Cassel   Hotel
    M. C. Clark   Gas Appliances
    Jay Darwin   Car Dealer
    Arnold Fuhrmann   Cheese Factory
    Darell Fuhrman   Cheese Factory
    George Hanson   Fire Chief
    Fred Harries   Superintendent of Schools
    George Jatzo   Feed Mill
    Lester Kessler   Garage
    Gordon Kniskern   Variety Store
    Oscar Lahti   Electrical Construction
    Rev. Richard D. Madden   Presbyterian Church
    Willard Ogren   Bank Cashier
    Charles Mattson   Restaurant
    William Perkich   Restaurant
    Clarence A. Peterson   Beverages
    George Pudas   Postmaster
    Jack Purnell   Groceries
    Marshall Ruckdashel   Tester Corporation
    Wallace E. (Bud) Stouffer   Funeral Director
    Ray Tester   Wood Products
    Robert Thompson   Barber
    Joseph Uhlir   Cabinet Maker
    William Westergren   Coop Supermarket
    Wayne Wheeler   Resort
    William Wick   Beverages
    Stanley Wilcox   Resort